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The Film Safe Developing Lab: Photo of the Month is Back!

The Film Safe Photo of the Month (POTM) is back!

We sadly haven’t been running this monthly competition for a while now. But we felt that this needed to change, fast.

Back in 2021, at the beginning of The Film Safe film developing lab, we were rewarding our inspiring POTM winners with rolls of colour film that they could use to continue their epic film photography work. But, as many of you will know, the prices of colour film was set to hit the ceiling and its availability to fall through the floor. With this gloomy turn of events and a lack of film to reward our winners with, this competition faded into the background.

But now, it’s time to bring it back.

We realised that POTM wasn’t just about free film (although we all love a free roll). It was always about celebrating the talent within this film photography community and providing a spotlight for some of your outstanding work that we have the pleasure of developing and scanning!

We see so many great photos on a daily basis that make us stop for a moment and admire the talented photographers that trust us with their film developing. We quickly realised that showing gratitude and acknowledging quality photography is an important part of our service and, as an added bonus, keeps us energised throughout out the week.

So, calling a stop to the sickeningly positive ramblings and with new prizes at the ready, our October 2023 Photo of the Month goes to @joe.jpg with this fantastic shot from Cres, Croatia.

The Film Safe Film Developing Lab photo of the month award.
The Film Safe's October Photo of the Month award winning photo by @joe.jpg

There we so many close runner’s up. However, the feeling we got from this photo just couldn’t be ignored!

Do you have film in desperate need of developing and scanning? Click the link for high quality work and a careful service!

It’s such a warm, relaxing shot, perfectly encapsulating that late summers evening feeling. This photo transports you straight back to that last summer trip you took when you wondered the streets, chatted with friends, read a good book, drank good wine or ate beautiful food in total bliss as the heat of the day lingered into the night and the glow of sunset enveloped your surroundings.

It's nostalgic, it’s romantic and it’s basically everything we love about film!

Congrats to Joe and thank you for trusting us with your film.


The winner of our Photo of The Month award will now get £5 store credit to put towards one of our film developing services. To be in with a chance of winning next month’s competition, just tag us in your Instagram posts featuring your favourite images that we have developed for you!

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