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Black Friday Weekend at The Film Safe!

At The Film Safe Developing Lab, we do try our hardest to get you guys the best film developing service at the cheapest possible prices. So, when Black Friday came around, we were ready to jump on board!

We did Black Friday last year, but this one is even better.

Straight to Developing? Yes Please!

Rather than a discount on just our standard Developing and Scanning service, we’ve emphatically slapped 20% discount across almost ALL our most popular developing and scanning services. Not to forget printing as well!

With our discount running all weekend long, you can get cheap developing on all these popular services:

So, whether you’ve been saving up your film developing for a moment just like this, or you want to pre-order some film developing for those rolls you just KNOW you’ll be shooting over the Christmas holidays (Top Tip: there is no expiry date on your orders placed with us – send over your films whenever you’re ready!), then: We. Have. Got. You!

With no code needed to make the most of this discount, our Black Friday sale is running now until midnight Sunday 26th. Don’t miss it!


Kodak Gold Back in Stock

Secondly, and just as excitingly: Kodak Gold is back baby.

As if the weekend couldn’t have got any better, 100 sweet, sweet rolls of our favourite film stock Kodak Gold came crashing through our doors yesterday!

Interested in other film stocks? Head to our film shop to see what else we have!

At £11 for the 36-exposure film of your dreams, this is your chance to stock up your film fridge and make sure you’re all covered head of the festive season.

PLUS, pre-pay for developing and scanning of your film and we’ll throw in a 10% discount to sweeten the deal and ensure that you have no future costs for that moment when your film is shot, fresh out of the camera and desperate for developing.

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