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The Film Safe Presents:
Amelia Le Brun

Amelia went on assignment with a photography road-trip at the end of last year. We sent her some film and she kindly agreed to take some extra photos and answer some interview questions from us, on topics like growing up in Jamaica, picking kit to help stay in the moment, and her constant aim to help others through photography.

Check out the images and highlights from the interview below!

"As to whether photography is therapeutic for me, I don’t think its the act of taking the photo that helps, I believe it is the excitement and energy that goes into planning a trip, researching a new film camera and packing up the van or hold luggage, its the purpose and opportunities that taking photos gives me, rather than the act of taking the photo itself."


Amelia speaking on growing up in Jamaica...

"Growing up in Jamaica was the thing that started my entire photographic journey. I'm surprised I didn’t bankrupt my parents the amount of film I shot. Everything from our Land Rover on our favourite beach, to stray dogs in downtown Kingston. Without this chapter in my life I often wonder whether I would even be a photographer. My heart lies in street and documentary photography, its the way I fell in love with taking photos..."

Amelia speaking on choosing to shoot on film...

"I have a very obsessive personality, if I am shooting digital I will often take a very similar photo dozens of times,
re-shooting if I am not happy with every minor detail. The amount of time I spend staring at the back of that camera screen stops me from enjoying the moment and makes me obsess. With film, I like to take my one chance and allow myself to be more present at the time."


"Shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot some more. Make mistakes, learn."

Some quick-fire questions…

What is your camera of choice?

Leica Q2 (Digital) Pentax 6x7 (film)


What is your film stock of choice?

Portra 800 (when I can afford it) I love Kodak Gold too

Must have piece of camera kit other than your camera?


Favourite time to shoot?

It used to be sunrise, but I find sunset a lot more relaxed, you can shoot into blue hour and everything feels more enjoyable.


Favourite subject to shoot?

The van, and road trip experiences

First camera?

Fujifilm Nexia Q1, and what a classic it was


First photo taken?

It will have been a stray dog on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica.


Want to read the full interview? Head here to read on!

To see more of Amelia's work head to her website or Instagram to keep up with his latest videos, photos & Adventures. 

Or, head to our film developing page if you've shot some film you're desperate to get the shots back from!

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