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The Film Fund


(film brands & stocks include but not limited to those on our site!)


We want to support you!

As of April 2022 we're launching our very own Film Fund! This initiative will be starting small with the aim to grow in the future.

So what's the idea? We know that the prices of film can be crazy, and with the included cost of developing, it can sometimes feel inaccessible or not a financially viable option for your photography plans.


So, we want to support you guys with your film photography! Each quarter, we will announce a certain amount of film that will be available, along with the corresponding developing and scanning, that you can use for your up-and-coming projects, events and/or life plans. 


How do you get your hands on some film?

This Fund like many grants and schemes will be on an application basis! We want to hear what your plans are and what you're dreaming up, and we will pick our favourite projects to offer the fund to.


This fund is open to all levels of photographic experience and ability, and of course, all kinds of projects. If you have a fashion shoot, road trip, uni assignment, portrait session, photobook idea, charity campaign, wedding or brand launch, we want to hear all about it!

What happens if you win a grant?

We will send you your film to be shot in accordance with your plans. After, you just need to send the film back and we will develop & scan your film - included for free in the grant!


Then - permission and project depending - we would also like to promote/spotlight/support your work with a digital gallery right here on our website.


If this sounds good to you? Why not download your application to fill out now!


If you have any questions, or you're ready to apply, just pop an email over to us at:

With subject line 'The Film Fund Application

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