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Our Little Bit of Good

We're pledging a percentage of all profits and you get to choose the charity!

We recognise that in today's day and age, any new business needs to think about the bigger picture - about the society and world around it. 

We really believe that business should be used as a force for good, so we're pledging 3% of all profits to charity.


But this is where you come in! We weren't quite sure which charity to pick, so we chose three charities working on important projects for society and the Earth itself - all you have to do is choose which charity you would like to dedicate your order to!


(Campaign Against Living Miserably)

According to CALM's research, 125 people in the UK take their own life each week, and CALM is leading. the movement against this silent killer. 


CALM have a range of front-line services for those in need to reach out to, whilst leading nationwide campaigns and collaborations to battle the stigma about reaching out for help and sharing our feelings with the people around us. 

80% of the money CALM raise goes straight into their front line services, so by choosing to dedicate your order to CALM, you can help provide support and a caring ear to those that need help.

Coral Gardeners YELLOW.png

Coral Gardeners

Scientific data predicts that the world's coral reefs will be condemned by 2050 as the oceans continue to warm, and dangerous pollutants spill into our waterways.

The reefs are a vital organism of our planet, providing a home to 25% of the ocean's inhabitants, and 70% of all the oxygen we breathe.

Dedicating your order to Coral Gardeners means that a percentage of all profits will go to planting specially cultivated, resilient 'Super Corals'  to repopulate our dying reefs.

Alzheimers Research UK

Alzheimers Research UK has been responsible for many breakthroughs in dementia research over the past 28 years. 

Currently, 1 in 3 of live with Alzheimers, but this charity has a vision for a world in which no one must live in fear of the harm and heartbreak the degenerative disease causes. 

Dedicating your order to Alzheimer's Research UK will directly fund their research as they continue with their mission to provide an effective treatment by 2025.

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