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How to Order

Post us your film and we will send it back to you by Dropbox in 3 days.


Step 1
Place your order 

Once you have shot your film(s) and are ready to have it developed, head over to our Develop your Film page, and find the service you're looking for including: 

- Develop & Scan

- Develop, Scan & Film

- Develop, Scan & Prints

Then just add your film's important details, like process, format & chosen scan resolution.

You will also need to choose a charity to pledge your development to (this is a percentage of profits from your order).

Step 2
Pack and Post 

Film is slightly too big to be considered a letter by royal mail, so make sure to send yours as a small parcel!

How To Post: This can be done by adding at least 5 stamps to your parcel for 2nd class or 6 stamps for 1st class. Or to be safe, head into your local post office and let the team there send your parcel out to us :)

Choosing an envelope: We would also suggest using a reinforced parcel such as a padded jiffy bag. Anything like a paper envelope can be easily ripped and cause film to be lost in transit.

Identifying your film: Along with your film, please pop in a little note with your name and order number so we know it's your parcel and we can let you know your film has arrived and we've started work on your order!

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Step 3
Developing your Film 

Now we will get to work on developing your film!


We know how exciting it can be waiting to get your images back, so we aim to get your images back to you as soon as possible, to keep the enthusiasm from boiling over and allow you to focus on the other important things in life (wait, is there anything more important?)

Our turnarounds: 

- Colour Film Dev & Scan - 2/3 days

- BW Film Dev & Scan - 4/5 days

- Develop only - we aim ship your negatives on the next available shipping day after developing (Usually - Colour film: 1/2 days & BW film: 4/6 days)

Step 4
Getting 'em home! 

When we have finished developing and scanning your images, we will email them straight to you. 


We will send your images to you through a DropBox link to conserve image quality and allow you to see them as soon as possible. 


If you chose to have your negatives sent back and added anything extra to your order (prints, film, merch or disposables), we will have these sent back to you on our next available postage day: Tues & Thur.


there's no time like the present...


For all orders, please send your film to the below address!

The Film Safe
Unit 80, Basepoint
Andersons Road
SO14 5FE

Contact Us

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Call or text: 07487213297
instagram: @thefilmsafe

We will answer your questions as soon as possible!

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