How to Order

Post us your film and we will send it back to you by WeTransfer within 3 days.


Step 1

Place your order 

Once you have completed your lovely roll of film and you're ready to have it developed, head over to our 'Develop your Film' page, and find the service you're looking for.


Then all you need to do is input the information we need to know to get your photos looking just how you want them! 


Most importantly, film process, type, and image resolution.


Step 2

Pack and Post 

Next, send us your rolls by post! 


Film is slightly too big to be considered a letter by royal mail, so make sure to send yours as a small parcel!

Seal your film in your parcel of choice with a little note inside with your name on it so we can match it to your order details. 


We like to think our postal service is pretty reliable, but we suggest sending tracked so you don't have to worry about it.

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Step 3

Developing your Film 

Now we will get to work on developing your film!


We know how exciting it can be waiting to get your images back, so we aim for a three day turn around to keep the enthusiasm from boiling over and allow you to focus on the other important things in life (wait, is there anything more important?)


Step 4

Sending 'em back! 

When we have finished developing and scanning your images, we will email them straight to you. 


We will send your images to you through a WeTransfer link to conserve image quality and allow you to see them almost instantly. 


We will also send your negatives back to you on the same day - especially important for those of you who have asked for developing only.

So what are ya waiting for?


For all orders, please send your film to the below address!

The Film Safe
Amberwood Equestrian, 
Kewlake Lane, 

So40 2NT

Contact Us

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:


Call or text: 07487213297

instagram: @thefilmsafe

We will get back to you within the hour to answer your questions!

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