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Serena Brown is an extremely talented freelance portrait and lifestyle photographer who uses her cultural background in London to inform her practice. Since leaving University she has had the opportunity to work on projects for companies such as Nike and Converse as well as working on her own work, Class of Covid-19 a piece focussing on the incredibly unprecedented times we are going through. Serena’s work uses a social documentary style with a unique fashion twist added. She touches on themes of identity and representation through her work and insures she is honing themes of authenticity in each image.


We are very grateful to Serena for letting us use a few of her images on our website! Check her out on Instagram or at her website for more of her incredible work!


James Davies


James Graduated Falmouth University in 2018 and has continued his practice shooting film photography ever since. Now as a freelance photographer his practice focusses on people and landscapes. He has a distinct documentary style and his images appear clean drawing attention to the subject. He is incredibly talented and we were very fortunate to be able to use some of his images on our website! If you are looking for a photographer in Wales definitely check out James!


Based in South East London, Zoe Harrison is an extremely talented Northern Irish artist, contemporary photographer and creative producer. Her work explores many cultural issues close to her heart such as the Northern Ireland Conflict. Her work is beautiful and the artistic approaches she takes are both powerful and informative. We feel very lucky that Zoe took the time to allow us to use some of her incredible images, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! Check out her website for more information on her incredible projects.


Bella Bunce is an environmentally conscious photographer based in Cornwall. Her photography mostly takes her where she feels most comfortable, the sea. She is an incredibly talented surf photographer using both film and digital cameras, her work comments on social and environmental issues in an impactful and powerful way. She is multi-talented, previously working with fashion designers to photograph their collections and coming originally from a fine art background. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and we were very lucky to have had so much support and help from her in the period leading up to our launch. If you are looking for a photographer down in Cornwall, want to know more about what she is getting up to, to help our planet or simply want some beautiful images of the sea, check her out!  

Bella Surf Shot 2.jpg
Bella Surf Shot 1.jpg

Tom Cassidy


Tom Cassidy is a portrait and landscape artist from Bath. He first caught our attention on Instagram with his incredibly clean black and white photography. His practice takes him through social documentary style portraits to colour film landscapes which lines and colours are beautiful. The tones in his work are superb and we were very pleased when he allowed us to use his images. Check him out on Instagram to see what he is getting up to!




Anastasia first caught our attention with her colourful portraits. These were beautifully shot with clean detail and depth that is second to none. We were very grateful that she allowed us to use her images on our website and were very impressed with her use of colour throughout her Instagam feed mixed with black and white photographs making the colours even more vivid. Her lifestyle/ snapshot style is mixed with a lovely artistic quality that elevates them. The images have their own stories and appear planned but also beautifully care free.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 19.18.16.png

Jacopo Melani


Jacopo is an Italian photographer who’s use of space and distance within his work creates strong and intriguing narratives that first drew us in. We were really pleased when Jacopo said we could use his images, his use of light and shadows were so artistic and creative we wanted to understand the narrative behind them. Using equipment passed down to him we were so happy to hear that Jacopo was taking full advantage of the photography medium and his talent clearly shone through in his images.


K’s images on the beach using the reflections of the still water created a beautiful serenity that we simply loved. Her style of photography focusses mainly on her environment with single occupants populating the frame often adding a secondary narrative that allows the images to ask questions of the viewer. We were very happy that K let us use her beautiful images, go check her out for more incredible photographs.

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