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  • What does the service cover?

    With this service we will chemically develop and scan your film, providing you with digital images which will be provided via email & downloadable Dropbox link!


    What Films can be used with this service?

    Under this service, we an develop and scan the following films:  Colour negative (C41) 35mm, medium format films and Disposable cameras & Black and White 35mm, medium format films and Disposable cameras.


    How does this service work?

    Once you have chosen the services that you need for your film, added them to basket and gone to check out, what happens next? 


    1. At checkout you'll see shipping options, this is for the return of your negatives (processed film) once we've completed your order. If you want your negatives back, select any of the postage options (2nd class, 1st class or one of the tracked options. If you don't need your negatives back, select 'no negatives returned' to save some money on your order! 


    2. Once you've placed your order, you will receive an automated confirmation email from us. On this you will see your order number and our address to ship your film to us. We unfortunately don't cover the cost of shipping to us so please scroll down to see the best practice on how to ship your film to us. 


    3. Once you have shipped your film to us and it has arrived, we will log your order and send another confirmation email to let you know it's here and what date you will get your images back!


    4. After some film processing magic, we will email your images over to you on the projected turnaround date. Our working hours are 11am-6pm, but we will work later into the evening to complete orders when necessary, so don't despair if you haven't heard from us by 6pm on your projected date!


    5. Returning your negatives. After we have returned your images to you, the last thing to do is return your negatives (if shipping has been paid for). It can take up to 10 working days for us to ship your negatives post order completion, but your negatives are always safe with us whilst they wait for dispatch and we always do our best to get these back to you as soon as possible. Important caveat: If you have ordered extras such as film, prints, merch or 'Develop Only' service for scanning at home, these will always be shipped on the next possible shipping day (Shipping Days: Tuesday & Thursday/Friday).


    Shipping Tips (Royal Mail)

    Feel free to use whichever courier service that is most convenient for you, but here is the best practice for getting your film quickly and safely...


    Best parcel types: A padded jiffy bag or something sturdy like cardboard packaging (anything paper may rip in ythe post and lose your film!) 


    How to send: Make sure to ship your film as a 'small parcel' to avoid extra shipping fees from the Royal Mail. This can be done online, taking your film to your local post office or using 5/6 stamps.


    What to put in your parcel: Along with your film, make sure to leave a note with your name and order number so we can identify your parcel when it arrives and get your images as soon as possible. 



    The Film Safe,

    Unit 80 Basepoint 

    Andersons Road



    SO14 5FE


    Turnaround times

    Whilst we do our absolute best to get your images back to you by the provided turnaround dates, these are projections so there can be a day's delay with these. If we are behind with your order this will be our priority the following day!


    Standard Turnaround Projections

    - Colour (C41): 3 working days 

    - Black & White: 5 working days 


    Need speedy Developing? Head to our Same Day Turnaround service.


    Looking for a specific service? 

    Such as:

    1) Your canisters returned,

    2) Negatives uncut, or

    3) Negatives cut in 6s?


    Head to our Developing Extras! service to add this on :)


    Do you have ECN-2 cinematic film for developing? Head to ECN-2 Developing & Scanning.

    Developing & Scanning

    VAT Included
    • Low Res: 800kb - 2mb // ~1000 x 1600px

      • The low-res option is great for digital use on small screens! For those of you looking to post shots to social media or just to be kept on the camera roll.
      • These small file sizes will ensure they’re not taking up too much space on your phone, tablets, and laptops, especially if you're planning on shooting a lot of film!

      Medium Res: 4-8mb // ~3100 x 2100px

      • Our recommended all-rounder, the medium resolution is great for Instagram and other social media posting, whilst also  better larger scale digital use including websites.
      • Medium res scans will also allow for printing  6x4" up to A4 whilst retaining full quality!

      High Res JPEG: 17-40mb // ~6800 x 4500px

      • Our highest resolution jpeg option is suitable for printing that little bit bigger, A3 and above!

      High Res TIFF: 90 - 120mb // ~6800 x 4500px

      • Our High Res TIFF option is great for any large size printing, and holds much more data than JPEG files to allow more flexibility for post-production & editing on Lightroom, Photoshop, or any other editing software!
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