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The Film Safe
- Film Developing Lab -

Mail-order film Developing

Fast Turnarounds!


All film developing from just £5
(including disposable cameras!)

POINTS & SHOOT Rewards Programme

How it Works...

Working as a points system, all you have to do is create an account on our site, and your points will start building as you develop your film with us!

You can keep track of your points with the pop-up on the bottom left of the website, and can redeem your points from the same place. Choosing how many points you want to redeem with the slider, just hit confirm to get a code to be used at checkout. 

How to develop your Disposables?!

We can develop your disposables!


Your disposable camera contains standard 35mm film and can be developed using any of our developing options! 

So, if you head to any of our film developing options, such as:

- 'Developing & Scanning'

- 'Develop & Scan Bulk Bundle'


you can develop your disposable camera by putting it through as 35mm film! 

You can then post the whole camera to us, or break the film out of the camera yourself and just send us the canister :)



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Focus on your shots,
we have the rest covered!

We love all things film, and we're here to provide you with everything you need once you've captured that final shot. All you need to do is to get those photos taken and send them our way. 

Develop & Scan Bulk Bundle

Are you looking for cheap film developing?

Look no further than our Develop & Scan Bulk Bundle. Allowing for a mix & match of 5 rolls of film, each bundle provides a £5 discount to help you pursue you film photography passion and put aside the worries on cost! 

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Check out our merch & clothing!


And Read our latest blog post


We sent film to our friend, Alex Costa, to document his recent adventure across La Cerdaña, a stunning mountain region stretching across the Spanish/French border.


Alex is a film enthusiast, marketing expert and a self-professed adventurer...

Head to his interview and/or gallery to find out more!

A developing lab run by two passionate film photographers (Hope & Jack, hi!), we endeavor to provide you with the best developing service!

Having shot film for 5 years ourselves, we know how important each image is to you, and how great it is to have a trusted film developing lab to send your photos to. 


We offer a personal and individual focus on each roll of film that enters our homegrown lab. Our only goal is to make sure your images return to you with the details, colours and depth that you have come to expect - the elements that made you fall in love with film right from the start.

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Only the Best for you!

Passion and care are important, but what about the kit?


We use professional Noritsu film processing & scanning equipment including the picture QSF-V30 for colour film developing and our trusted Noritsu LS-600 & HS-1800 to scan your negatives and create your beautiful images!


As for chemistry, we've turned to some of film photography's biggest names - Tetenal & Ilford -  and we see results we love every single time.


So, we mean it when we say "only the best for you" - even if it sounds like a cringe-worthy cliché from a terrible Netflix Rom-com.

How to Order

Post us your film and we will send back your images you via email!



Once you have shot your film(s) and you're ready to have it developed, head over to our Develop your Film page, and find the service you're looking for.



Ship your film to us! Send your film to us in a padded and/or secure parcel with your name and order number included on a note so we know it's yours :)



Back to you - once we've received and completed your order we'll send your scans via dropbox link and ship back any negatives, prints, film or merch! 

To find out more about placing an order, how to ship your film and our turnaround times, hit the button below or head to our FAQ.

The services of a homegrown developing lab

We can do C41 colour,  B&W and disposable camera developing and can provide any level of image resolution, depending on what you need!


From £7.00


Let's get going!

Developing, Scanning & Film Bundle


Develop & Scan Bulk Bundle (x5 rolls)

From £30  (£5 off!)


Let's get going!

Develop, Scan & Print Bundle

From £14.00

From £10.63  (15% off!)

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Keep Film Alive

We have loved watching the film community burst back into life and grow bigger and bigger over the past few years - and we're super excited to be able to contribute to our wonderful community.


Whilst we're starting as a homegrown developing lab, we're aiming to evolve and grow to a point where we can create a community and platform that will provide opportunities for all of us to collaborate, work and learn together.

Our Little Bit of Good

We really believe in using business as a force for good. So we've pledged 3% of all profits to charity. But it's not that simple, we need your help.


We have picked three charities that are close to our hearts, and when you check out, you can choose which charity you would like to pledge your order to! 

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CALM Yellow copy.png
ARUK in support of logo blue  copy.png
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