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  • Using reloaded Ilford XP2, our very first 'The Film Safe' branded, 35mm film is here!


    High speed and fine-grained, The Film Safe 400 is a black & white (BW) film, processed using colour - or C41 - chemicals, meaning these films can be developed faster than standard BW film.


    These films match, or are better priced than your usual Ilford XP2, with the added benefit of reusing the canisters of the films that we have collected since opening in Feb 2021. We're on a mission to reduce our waste as a Lab and this is one of our most exciting projects yet - with more to come! 


    Each film will come with a key chain ready to go, post-developing. Once your film has been developed, we will send back the canister to go straight onto your house keys :)




    - Black & White, 35mm film. C41, colour negative process.

    - The pricing and quantities pertain to 1 roll of film. If you need more than one roll please increase the quantity :)


    Take advantage of our discount film & developing bundle, and get 10% off the full package!


    Want to add Developing & Scanning? Here's how it works!


    If you choose to include 'Dev & Scan' to your film to make the most of our 10% discount, we will send out your film for you to shoot.  Then all you have to do, is send back your roll and we will do the rest :) 


    We will also cover the return shipping of your negatives, so you're only paying once for postage!  (there's also a 'no negatives' option just incase you don't need your negatives).


    If you have any questions or you're unsure on any part of this service, please drop us an email or Instagram DM!

    The Film Safe 400 ISO 24exp.

    VAT Included
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