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  • Scanning Only (price per roll)

    VAT Included
    •              Low Res - 800kb

      • The low-res option is great for keeping your images in their digital format. For those of you looking to post shots to social media, be used as part of a website, or just to be kept on the camera roll.
      • These small file sizes will ensure they’re not taking up too much space on your phone, tablets, and laptops, especially if you're planning on shooting a lot of film!

        Medium Res -  2mb
      • Our recommended option, the medium resolution is perfect for Instagram and other social media posting, whilst also suitable for printing small - postcard sizes up to A4 printing

        High Res JPEG - 11mb
      • Our high-res jpeg scanning option is suitable for printing that little bit bigger, A3 and above!

        High Res TIFF - 11mb
      • Our High Res TIFF option is great for any large size printing, and for anyone wanting to do any post-production, post-developing editing on Lightroom, Photoshop, or any other editing software!
    • If you haven’t seen the ‘Our Little Bit of Good’ page, don’t worry! You won’t be charged extra when choosing a charity to dedicate your order to. We have pledged a percentage of all profits to charity, but we wanted to give you the option to choose one that was closer to your heart, one that means more to you. So, go ahead and pick the charity and we will make sure the money reaches them. 

      If you want to read up on what each charity does, head to Our Little Bit of Good.

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