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- Black & White, 35mm film. Colour Negative process.

- The pricing and quantities pertain to 1 roll of film. If you need more than one roll please increase the quantity :)


Why choose pre-paid Dev & Scan with your film? 

This bundle comes with a built in 10% discount, so you can get your new film and the developing that little bit cheaper! 


How does the Pre-Paid Dev & Scan with film work? 

This bundle covers the developing and scanning of the film you are buying, so everything is covered when you order! Firstly, you'll recieve the film. Shoot it, send it back. We'll develop & scan, email you your images & ship back the negatives. All sorted! 


Why is shipping a little more expensive?

With this bundle, you have the all of the return shipping covered: the shipping of your film to you + the return of your negatives after shooting.

If you want to save some money here, select the 'No Negatives Returned' shipping option at check out. This means we won't send back your negatives & you'll only be paying for your film to be shipped to you.


Pricing & Quantities

The pricing and quantities pertain to 1 Develop & Scan + 1 roll of film. Increasing the quantity will increase both the number of develop & scans and new films!


Need help - here's where to find us!

If you have any questions or you're unsure on any part of this service, please drop us an email and IG message, or find us on the live chat.

Pre-Paid Dev & Scan: Ilford XP2 400 36exp. 35mm Film

VAT Included
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