Why should I scan my Negatives?

Did you know that film has an expiry date? Film was never made to last! It is important to preserve your memories in the safest way possible. So why scan negatives? Read on to find out!

Is my film already deteriorating?

There are a few tell tale signs that would show that your film negatives are already showing signs of age. Now, I know what you might be thinking, 'my film is safely stored away with the photos, I've seen loads of old negatives, they seem fine!' well, unfortunately.... they're not.

Film begins to be effected by the chemicals used to develop it in the first place. Have you ever noticed that your negatives seem to stick together? or to the negative sleeves they have been carefully put into? this is a sign that the chemicals are beginning to degrade and with it, your precious memories too. The colours of your images will start to fade along with the detail, before long your images will become fuzzy and brittle on the strips.

Now, I know this all sounds very scary but not all is lost! There are steps that can be taken to take care of your images and preserve their longevity. This is why we believe that what we are providing is so important. Scanning in your negatives and photographs gives them a second lease of life; a back up. Scanning also allows us to colour correct, dust correct, remove finger prints and other damage that has accumulated over time and gives you peace of mind. Here are a few helpful hints and tips for your film longevity:

1. Negatives biggest enemy

Film's biggest enemy is fingerprints and dust! The emulsion that has been processed to show your images is delicate, it is important that it doesn't get scratched and unfortunately, like moths to a flame, dust sticks to these like a magnet. We are able to clean up negatives before scanning and after using top of the range digital equipment which means that hopefully, your images return to you in better condition than before! We also provide a little guide to show how best to look after your negatives for the future.

2. Sunlight and heat

Sunlight will fade your negatives so it is important to keep them in the dark as best as possible as this will keep them as detailed as possible, try to avoid putting them anywhere hot like an airing cupboard or a cupboard with pipes or heaters in. This is something that we unfortunately cannot fix but it can be easily avoided.